Best Instagram Tips To Gain More Followers

Instagram is a social media app that can be a great way to meet people, share photos and memories, or promote your business. Instagram is quickly growing in popularity as it continues to add new features and old features are revamped. Today we have a list of ways you can grow your Instagram following including SocialBoosting and make the most out of your social media experience. Remember, always focus on quality over quantity!

Tips to get more Instagram followers

1. Optimize Your Profile Page

Your profile page should contain a clear, compelling image and relevant information about your business. When you use Instagram, you can have a link to your website on the top right of your profile page. If you don’t add a website on your profile page, then you’ll be missing out on opportunities to increase interactions with users and drive traffic back to your website!

2. Boost Your Post Engagement

You can select up to 5 photos that have received the most “likes” or “comments” to publish them at once. This is a great way to extend your reach and get more comments/likes on existing content that is doing well.

3. Post Regularly

Posting regularly helps people remember your Instagram account and can raise engagement. If you’re just starting out with Instagram, try posting at least once a day to start building engagement. Increase the frequency as you build your community and your business grows!

4. Comment on other user’s photos

Try commenting on other user’s posts to build relationships and increase engagement with your own followers. This can help you connect with users who share your interests and make interesting connections. If you’re looking for some people to follow, try searching for hashtags that are relevant to you and find accounts in the same niche market as you!

5. Tag your location

One of the newest features on Instagram allows users to add a “tag” that includes their current location. If you are traveling and take photos at a new location, be sure to add the tag so that other users in your area can find you!

6. Link Instagram and your blog or website

To connect your Instagram account with your blog or website, go to “Settings” and then click “Linked Accounts”. Then choose the account that you want to link from the drop down menu. This way, users that click on any of the links in your profile will be taken directly to these accounts on Instagram rather than being redirected to a mobile web version!

7. Use at least one hashtag

Hashtags make it easy for other users to find your account, and are popular on Instagram. Try using at least one hashtag in your images. Hashtags allow you to join conversations and link with people who share a similar interest. So for example if you post an image about “Social Media”, then use the hashtag #SocialMedia!

In summary, Instagram is a great way to grow your business by connecting with your customers, promoting your products and services, and developing relationships. A key part of success with Instagram is to be consistent, provide high quality photos and information, interact with users and respond to comments quickly. Now you have some tips that you can use to grow your following on Instagram.