How to Choose the Perfect Gift

The eternal verity ensuing that ideal choice sculpted in love

The exploit of discovering the ideal gift time and again is a herculean task. Since this quest culminates in me unwinding in the interiors of the recipient’s brain – a view facilitated through their eyes. A perfect gift kindles a radiant smile, but preceding this smile was a moment of absolute chaos. Because unearthing that flawless gift is Sisyphean, as the notion of perfect is fluid. With your sweetheart -the definition of perfect- could be Netflix and a luxurious homemade dinner date, while for your sassy friend it might be a collection of bold metallic lipstick. But brighten up because the silver lining is right here – the ultimate guide to discovering the quintessential gift for everyone.

A chronicle defining the giftee

Jot down all the characters that define the recipient. Make this list extensive and hit the note with the cool stuff. Ultimately, the spotlight will be on you for being that personal and thoughtful giver. Is your friend a diehard Game of Thrones maniac, gift a GOT inspired T-shirt where Daenerys or Jon Snow divulging “I love you”. Your friend would fall head over heels with the gift.


Etching the memories

You could recreate their childhood memories or memories imprinted in their hearts. It could be as simple as a photo frame immortalizing an exceptional juncture in their life. Or allow them to revel in a reminiscence by a large canvas painting of their favourite childhood cartoon Tom and Jerry.

Carve a customized package

Why are gift baskets admired? This affair is glamorous and classy with a collection of themed gifts in a tenacious grip. The ideal gift for a Harry Potter admirer would be an assortment right from customized Nimbus, the blueprint of Hogwarts to personalized Hogwarts letters engraved with Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, and the popular Snape quote ‘Always’ engraved on a wooden poster. Instead of pursuing a single gift, surprise your recipient with many.


Transform the event into an escapade

Get innovative with the unwrapping! Don’t make it effortless for them, instead captivate them with an adventurous voyage. Hide the gift and send them on a treasure hunt. Let them sweat it out, but unwrapping once the hunt culminates would be an indelible one.

Let your voice resonate

Make it personal in an outlandish way – personalize it the giver’s way. Let each glance at the gift speak volumes about you and the bond you cherish. If you had planned on tour with your lover or your friend, but they couldn’t make it outdoors. But you recorded the whole trip, like how you both had initially planned -venturing into those moments for you both. That would be a perfect gift!

Be the harbinger of a social cause

Unearth their zeal and contribute to what their heart aches for. Is your giftee a lover of animals? Go ahead and provide for shelter homes. Is he a philanthropist? Donate generously to orphanages, broken families, famished children, advocate for women’s rights, and what not. Bestow to an indelible cause. Trust me, they would on top of the world, because they are proud to have you in their life!

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