Top 5 Tips for Safe Online Shopping You Need To Know

Online shopping is a fun filled experience where you get access to thousands of products that are being sold at an attractive price and it is very tempting to browse through the selection that will leave you mesmerized. You will get unbelievable deals on different products and you might feel like shopping for your favorite products from the online stores but you need to follow precautions before you make the actual purchase. Along with the ease of shopping and convenience, you will also get exposed to a large number of risks that you need to be aware of so that you don’t lose your hard earned money.

Additionally, you will also need to make sure that you are completely safe and secure while shopping from the online portals so that you don’t face the risks of losing your personal information or financial data. There are many products that are available at the lowest price and you might get these prices at any brick and mortar store which makes online shopping even more appealing and tempting. For an enhanced shopping experience, you need to follow the tips for safe online shopping such as Product Comparison India so that you will get good bargains while being safe in the online world. You should also make sure that you don’t face any potential harm while shopping online by avoiding any phishing attacks or fraudulent attempts by miscreants.

Top 5 tips for safe online shopping

1. Avoid revealing personal data – you should never shop from online stores that asks for your personal data because it can be very risky and you can also lose your money from the banks. Therefore, you need to be well assured about the security of the website from where you are shopping and only after building trust; you should go ahead and do the shopping according to your needs.

2. Don’t get tempted with unbelievable offers – most of the scammers are known to tempt the online customers by giving them offers that are very good. But when you go ahead with the purchase of any product, you might lose your valuable money and hence you should avoid falling in traps due to these offers.

3. Invest in robust antivirus software – the antivirus acts as a line of defense that you need before online shopping for ensuring that nothing can harm you in any manner. For this, you will need to get an antivirus installed in your Smartphone or computer so that no scammer can get hold of you or your personal details.

4. Use secure internet connection – it is important that you avoid using any public Wi-Fi during online shopping because you need to enter your band details for completing the shopping process. Therefore, you need to look for a safe and secure connection so that you don’t face any kind of security breach while purchasing any products online.

5. Don’t click on unknown links – there are many links that you might get while you are shopping online and some even come with great deals and offers. But you should always avoid clicking on these links because it might be very harmful for you.

What is a 3D Ultrasound?

As humans, we have limited physical abilities because of the world’s “flatness.” In this post, I’ll be exploring what is a 3D ultrasound and how it can revolutionize pregnancy. It will also answer your most burning question: What does a 3D ultrasound look like?

When you go to see your OBGYN or midwife during an ultrasound, you may get called in for an “extra” scan that is in 3D. It looks more like what we would call “real life,” which might sound cheesy but is true! Your ultrasound technician will go over the procedure with you before getting started. You may be asked to lay on your side or sit up, depending on how you normally pose during an ultrasound. If you’re sitting, they may even ask you to rock back a little bit so that the sound waves can reach your belly in all three dimensions.

An ultrasound is basically a “sound picture” of your baby that takes advantage of the fact that “sound travels best in straight lines and away from solid objects.” It isn’t magic though, because the sound waves are still traveling through air and are therefore affected by most sounds around them. Any noise will cause some of the “inside” sounds that come out when the technician is pointing at your belly to be distorted or interrupted. Another amazing thing is that services like can send your friends and family those beautiful ultrasound images.

A 3D ultrasound happens when the technician uses a special type of machine that allows them to see what is going on inside your body. The sound waves don’t travel like normal; instead, they are split into several directions (broadly speaking). When they bounce back, they do so at different angles, making it possible to reconstruct the image in 3 dimensions without having to turn your body in different positions.

This can actually be very helpful during pregnancy because it allows us to see if there are any complications with your baby or pregnancy. If you have gestational diabetes, for example, a 3D ultrasound is basically mandatory as it would allow your doctor to see your baby’s face and organs more clearly.

Side note: To find out if the technician will be using a 3D ultrasound for your appointment, ask them during your first appointment. If they don’t have one, it’s not a big deal – they can still do the standard 2D ultrasound.

You will receive the usual printed report that you get from the technician about what is going on during an ultrasound. However, there are a few key features about your baby that only come through when looking at it in 3D.

The best part is, you can easily share these findings with your partner or family member because they are in 3D too! It’s amazing to see what is going on inside your little one. Plus, if you move them around, like the technician does, you can see how the images change. Here are a few examples:

So, a 3D ultrasound can help us map out and see the structural development of your baby?

Yes! A lot of the time, if there’s a problem, for example when your baby is not shaped as we would expect, or if something is wrong with the placenta, this can be clear. For example, twin babies often have a different head shape when you look at them in 3D. This happens because one twin is on top and gets all the placenta (which means that this baby has more blood supply). If they are facing opposite directions at birth, things like their necks won’t grow evenly which can be a sign of problems.


Advantages of online shopping

Time-traveling to the 1900s and thinking you could buy your favourite t-shirt, a pair of LED shoes for your whining kids, and a bow tie for your kitten at the luxury of your home, would be more than a fantasy. Tables have turned, seasons changed, bringing out the unthinkable possibilities of online marketing. A move on your already wired fingers and a munch on that favourite chips of yours is all it takes to go online shopping.


This is the biggest perk of all. Sitting at your cosy cushion and going window shopping through all the online markets is a hell lot of leisure. The markets never close and are open for both the morning larks and night owls. With no more queues to tarry along and no cashiers to delay your purchase, online shopping offers you the best of shopping experience.


Diversity of purchase

With more online shopping platforms coming up in the context of the booming prospects, the variety offered is whopping. You are brought in touch with the global market where you’re acquainted with the latest trends and leading brands. You can freely surf through all different collections of items from textiles, jewellery, stationaries, groceries, and whatnot. This eases you off of the trouble of going from shop to shop to get your things done. Online marketing also defies the boundaries of geography. From the bamboo handicraft from Arunachal Pradesh to the intoxicating brew of Assam tea, Mysore silks from Karnataka to the miraculous spices of Kerala are all at your whim.

No compulsions, please.

It would be the experience of every shopper that you end up buying a whole lot more than what you intended in the first place. In the process of your hunt for that stationary, you end up being persuaded by more than what you intend. Online shopping dodges this chaos/havoc. The customer need not be afraid of the luring of salesmen to their vested interests as well.

Ease of discrete purchases

If you are a tight-lipped person on discrete purchase of sleek lingerie, adult toys, and the link, disgusted at those awkward glances at malls and other venues, you are at the right place. Online shopping offers you the privacy of shopping from home sans judgement.

Discrete purchases

Save your pennies challenge

With the high competition in the field of online marketing, sellers offer articles with higher quality and lesser prices to ensure the inflow of more customers. This guarantees the buyer with a good bargain. You are not therefore fooled by the low quality, discount policies of shopkeepers. Online purchase also avoids the trouble of middlemen and even evade the higher taxes involved otherwise. Saving the expense of gas and parking also adds up to the list.

Weigh up the options

Since the window in online marketing is wide open, the possibilities you are offered are also high. For the same item, different marketing sites offer you alternatives, where the choices are left to the customer and not just be satisfied with whatever a shop offers. Comparison of price is done by the buyer, pros and cons weighed and the decision is made at their leisure. What more shopping experience can you be offered?

Used products at lower rates

For those who prefer using items over brand new ones, there’s no better niche than the online marketplace. The customers get listings of all the available pre-owned items and the final condense can be done by the buyer.

lower rates

Adieu to social phobia

Crowds can be an annoying factor to all peaceful purchasers. They can get in the way of your shopping experience so much so that you may even lose your tranquility. All of these epitomizes at the festive seasons when all are out in the streets and markets. This can hamper your creature comforts.

Time spoilers, hell no!!

Saving time is one of the cornerstones in the consumer world. When you are running against the clock, you can’t afford to lose your time waiting in lines, running around shops, or being slackened by the inert cashier. All these troubles are saved in the online marketplace. What more is valuable in this century than the clock.


How to Choose the Perfect Gift

The eternal verity ensuing that ideal choice sculpted in love

The exploit of discovering the ideal gift time and again is a herculean task. Since this quest culminates in me unwinding in the interiors of the recipient’s brain – a view facilitated through their eyes. A perfect gift kindles a radiant smile, but preceding this smile was a moment of absolute chaos. Because unearthing that flawless gift is Sisyphean, as the notion of perfect is fluid. With your sweetheart -the definition of perfect- could be Netflix and a luxurious homemade dinner date, while for your sassy friend it might be a collection of bold metallic lipstick. But brighten up because the silver lining is right here – the ultimate guide to discovering the quintessential gift for everyone.

A chronicle defining the giftee

Jot down all the characters that define the recipient. Make this list extensive and hit the note with the cool stuff. Ultimately, the spotlight will be on you for being that personal and thoughtful giver. Is your friend a diehard Game of Thrones maniac, gift a GOT inspired T-shirt where Daenerys or Jon Snow divulging “I love you”. Your friend would fall head over heels with the gift.


Etching the memories

You could recreate their childhood memories or memories imprinted in their hearts. It could be as simple as a photo frame immortalizing an exceptional juncture in their life. Or allow them to revel in a reminiscence by a large canvas painting of their favourite childhood cartoon Tom and Jerry.

Carve a customized package

Why are gift baskets admired? This affair is glamorous and classy with a collection of themed gifts in a tenacious grip. The ideal gift for a Harry Potter admirer would be an assortment right from customized Nimbus, the blueprint of Hogwarts to personalized Hogwarts letters engraved with Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, and the popular Snape quote ‘Always’ engraved on a wooden poster. Instead of pursuing a single gift, surprise your recipient with many.


Transform the event into an escapade

Get innovative with the unwrapping! Don’t make it effortless for them, instead captivate them with an adventurous voyage. Hide the gift and send them on a treasure hunt. Let them sweat it out, but unwrapping once the hunt culminates would be an indelible one.

Let your voice resonate

Make it personal in an outlandish way – personalize it the giver’s way. Let each glance at the gift speak volumes about you and the bond you cherish. If you had planned on tour with your lover or your friend, but they couldn’t make it outdoors. But you recorded the whole trip, like how you both had initially planned -venturing into those moments for you both. That would be a perfect gift!

Be the harbinger of a social cause

Unearth their zeal and contribute to what their heart aches for. Is your giftee a lover of animals? Go ahead and provide for shelter homes. Is he a philanthropist? Donate generously to orphanages, broken families, famished children, advocate for women’s rights, and what not. Bestow to an indelible cause. Trust me, they would on top of the world, because they are proud to have you in their life!


Top Tips For Safe Online Shopping

How to purchase online like an adept, despite your angst of being an amateur

Online shopping can be propitious, affordable, and secure – provided you safeguard yourself and your information. Thereby, delivering a wholesome online experience, right at your doorstep – effortless, economical and ensured, while you relish a cup of coffee and not trudge in the scorching heat. Primarily, while you are self-isolating or in quarantine, it is the ideal alternative to browsing through brick-and-mortar stores although you’re entirely masked and gloved.

purchase online

Use Trusted Sites

Fraudsters are passionate about initiating fake e-commerce sites. Therefore, before embarking on your online spree, do your homework about the service provider by going through customer reviews, service information and geographic location. To verify the site you are on, is legitimate, confirm it has an SSL encryption installed – standard security technology, all authorized sites will have “s” at the end of “HTTP”, if not, the site is not encrypted and your data is not protected.

Think Twice Before You Pay

Employing a credit card or payment services like PayPal is recommended over a debit card; as there exists increased consumer protection for credit cards. With the use of third-party payment services like PayPal, you are capable of concealing your credit card details, besides, enabling a certain level of protection.

Devote to Technology

Installing antivirus and anti-phishing programs on your computer is worth every penny. Social media likethe ones the used by The Gun Source facebook, instagram, google plus, and many others can provide extreme advantages.  An antivirus program will protect your computer from viruses, and an anti-phishing program will seek to guard you against cybersecurity threats.

Scrutinize what you give away

Be vigilant to the information being gathered, if more data is being requested and that makes you apprehensive, cancel the transaction. It is important to delete stored payment details and also go through their privacy policy to note where and how your data will be dispensed.


Fortify your Password

Resilient, exclusive passwords are your finest gatekeepers when it comes to securing your private information. If you want to be virtually hack-proof, use a password generator and manager to aid you to formulate and retain course of the types of long, complicated passwords that are not of value to a hacker’s time.

Keep a check on your statements frequently

Make sure you monitor your account details frequently to prevent unwarranted activity. Appropriate recordkeeping is pivotal in establishing your cybersecurity. Setting up alerts through mail or text is effective in keeping check on unauthorized use of your credit card.

Exercise a reliable Wi-Fi

Using public Wi-Fi to shop online while savouring a cup of hot chocolate from your preferred cafe is fitting, but poses serious cyber threat. You may switch to using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or your personal hotspot.

Reliable Wi-Fi

Be informed of your consumer rights

At first, you can approach the grievance officer as every e-commerce company is mandated to have one such officer under the Information Technology Act. If this does not materialize then as a final step approach the consumer forum/commission. In August 2017, the Supreme Court had issued an order, wherein e-commerce consumers can file complaints at the consumer forum in their city.